Satya Aerial

Belly Dance


After a childhood full of dancing at every opportunity (with some formal training sprinkled throughout), I really started digging my heels into the art of belly dance in high school. I am forever grateful to my high school dance teacher, Mrs. Fasula.  Through her instruction, motivation, encouragement, and support, my eyes and heart were opened even further to my passion for belly dance.


I was fortunate to be exposed to so many genres and styles of music growing up thanks to my parents.  From Toy Dolls to Tori Amos and everything in between, my musical palette was expansive from an early age and shines through in my dance, making Tribal Fusion and I a perfect match.


When I was 13, I discovered electronic music and it moved my body and my soul differently than anything else had. I was hooked and I have never let go. I started attending electronic music events on a regular basis and my dance style blossomed. I started incorporating popping and locking into my repertoire of flowery, lyrical movements. My skill and stamina increased through dancing for hours on end, high on nothing but the music.


The years after were filled with many difficult and emotionally devastating life events that bottomed out in a very unbalanced marriage. At 21, I finally admitted to myself how unhappy I was and made a promise to myself to find and allow ME again. I needed an outlet, something to increase my strength, both physically and emotionally.  When I reflected on the happiest moments in my life they all involved dancing.  It became crystal clear to me that it was time to pursue it.  Going into my first belly dance class, I had no idea how much it would affect my life. Those classes breathed life back into parts of me that I thought were gone completely.  


In my first class, my teacher said "I don't want you to love yourself when you lose ten pounds or when you get a different job. I want you to love yourself for who you are NOW." These words struck deep within me and have stayed with me ever since. After my introductory belly dance classes I started taking Tribal belly dance classes at Domba! Studio in Tempe, AZ. I was blessed to study with Haven, Sam Riggs and Gina Z, among many others.


In 2005 auditions were being held for the creation of a world dance troupe to perform at the Arizona Renaissance Festival.  I had dreamed of being a "Rennie" belly dancer throughout my youth and knew that I couldn't pass on the opportunity. I was invited into the troupe (now known as Ghazaal Beledi) and was part of that dance family until 2011 when I spread my wings and ventured east.


While I was establishing myself in Charlotte I went months without dancing and it was very apparent in my emotional state. Again I was on a mission to find and allow myself.  Only this time I am branching out as a solo belly dancer in a community of talented dancers, some of which I proudly call friends. It is beyond all that I could have ever imagined! And along the way, I have found new passions and loves to integrate belly dance into.


I love this beautiful life that I lead and my passion is sharing it with others, whether through instruction or performance.